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“ERRE is the speed of a boat without its motor propulsion, it advances only with its acquired speed, silently, gently and peacefully, carried by the currents. Wandering with ERRE is to go forward, to move forward.”

Working together to create ERRE, an ambitious recreational and public transport project

This project, headed up by the Parc de la Rivière-des-Mille-Îles, in collaboration with cities along the River, offers a unique program that lets everyone explore the natural habitats on the Mille Îles River and the rich history of its shores. The vast network will consist of 7 shoreline terminals, each with a reception building offering services, and some 15 stops at new access points to the River, highlighting sites of interest in each of the riverside municipalities.

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Reconnect with your river

Watercraft rentals

The new watercraft rental centres will help everyone appreciate the Mille Îles River and its exceptional biodiversity as they explore new parts of the River. This will also reduce pressure on the Laval reception centre, improve accessibility to the water for residents of all the participating riverside communities, and create the connections the Park needs to continue its mission of bringing people to appreciate and value its ecosystems and become involved in protecting them.

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Travel with the wind

Bike rentals

The ERRE project will also let users explore the shorelines. In the second development phase, bicycles and e-bikes will be available for day-trippers and tourists visiting the Mille Îles River regional park. It will be a perfect opportunity to show off its bike paths and the attractions of all the participating municipalities, and will also guarantee simpler access to the different rental centres and new access points to the River.

Enter a new era.

Wander with ERRE

Electric shuttles

What could be more pleasant than floating effortlessly and quietly along the River? The last phase in the ERRE project is to create a fleet of electric shuttles, each with room for at least 10 passengers and 3 bikes, which will travel up and down the Mille Îles River all day long. They will link up not only all the Park’s rental centres, but also points of interest in each of the municipalities involved in the ERRE project. It will be a great chance for visitors to discover some hidden gems. This last phase, intended to tie the whole project together, will also connect bike and watercraft rentals, since visitors will be able to switch from one means of locomotion to the other.


Retrieving nature easily

Our terminals

Our terminals Invaluable support for several years, these towns have supported and promoted the Park’s mission, which consists of protecting, conserving, and enhancing the Mille Îles River and its tributaries through concrete actions. The imminent opening of these new terminals marks the beginning of a new era for the organization and the pursuit of a formidable collaboration. These new sites are a wonderful space for conviviality and discovery for families and future generations.


Parc Riverain Sector



Parc des Berges Sector



Parc Charbonneau Sector



Parc Boisé des Moissons Sector



Berge du Garrot Sector




The Parc de la Rivière-des-Mille-Îles is the proud instigator of the ERRE ecomobility project.

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